Wednesday, July 6, 2016


During the 1950's going to the drive-in movies was a fun thing to do.

You didn't mind the hot weather that came with summer months,  because usually after the sun went down it wouldn't be that hot.

 RONNIE DRIVE -IN - THEATER  Lily Kentucky was a favorite place to hang out in the 50's for my generation.

By-the-carload" pricing was definitely a plus in making that possible, since most of the time on Saturday night it was ONE DOLLAR for as many as you could get in the car .

You talk about squeezing them in, we were pro's at that.

I think one time we had about 10 people in our car.

Didn't matter how we done it; cause once we were in, we had things figured out.

A blanket or two provided  adequate seating for those who wanted to sit out by the car, or in front of it, to catch the summer breeze.

 If it was warm and humid  and you chose to sit in the car, you might have to keep the doors open a bit, to get cool anyway.

 So sitting out side had benefits to it (except if it rained.)

The first four or five rows  of the theater were filled with cars with families that had kids, so they could be close to the rest rooms and snack bar.

 The younger couples were the ones who always parked in the back rows, where it was darker, and didn’t watch much of the movie.

sometimes we'd sneak in a few snacks with us,  to save money at the snack bar.

 At a dollar a carload,  where would  you ever  find any cheaper  entertainment than that?

Watching a  full length movie, plus cartoons on Saturday night at Ronnie's Drive IN Theater was a bargain .

Drive-In-Theaters became poplar during the 1950's  springing up through out much of the Country.

Over the years most of them  have closed, yielding to bigger and better walk Ins.

 Our famous Ronnie's Drive-In-Theater in Lily Kentucky was one of them.

 Even if you could find a Drive-In-Theater  open anywhere today.

Don't think you would find deals like the one we had at Ronnie's anymore.

  Our generation was a privileged generation I must say  to have gotten to, pioneer Drive-In-Theaters in Southeastern Kentucky.

And to think while we were doing it we had so much fun,( doesn' get much better than that.)

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman


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