Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pass The Cough Syrup

The Louisville and Nashville Railroad operated freight and passenger services in southeastern Kentucky, for many years  .

You could  hear them traveling the rail-ways day and night, thru London the little town near our home.

 Many  of the locomotives were steam-powered at the time , and some of them had even favored coal as their engines' fuel source,...since wood-burning models had been found unsatisfactory.

It was interesting,  hearing the trains  go by.

Hearing their lonesome sound from the steam whistle .

I had never ridden on a train at the time,  I had no idea what that was like, But my Grandpa (Cap) Parman had, and he was gracious enough to share one of his experiences with me.

Seems Grandpa wanted to go visit a good friend of his in Corbin Kentucky, and decided to take the train.

Guess the coach was pretty full and seating was limited, but Grandpa squeezed in between a couple old timers.

Cap said they hadn't been on the way very long when he developed a cough, and reached into his front pocket for  a bottle of Whiskey that he had brought along, just in case some thing like that happened.

After taking a couple of good swigs from the bottle the cough seemed to go away and he put it back in his pocket.

 Wasn't long after that;  the fellows sitting by him started coughing and asked if they might have a little nip of his cough medicine .

From those two fellows getting a cough (Cap) said he never heard anything like it....  pretty soon the whole coach was coughing... and his bottle of Whisky (Cough Syrup) was gone in no time.

 Grandpa's advice  for himself and others who might  go on a train ride (was), always be prepared, you  never know when.

 A coughing spell may break out and you could well be the only one aboard able to provide a solution . 

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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