Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alberta Peaches

Alberta peaches holds their own as being some of the most delicious and tasteful,  peaches ever grown in the south.

Notorious for their sweet, succulent fruit with a tell-tale blush covering of their skin when they are perfectly ripe.

They are known to thrive in at least 28 states and are  favored by growers due to their vigorous growth, steady production of fruit, and compact size.

Ripening dates beginning in June and ending in mid-September.

Unfortunately London Kentucky wasn't one of the places they thrived in.

I remember the first time we got a taste of the Alberta peach was when some peddlers from Georgia came by.

They had two bushels left on their truck, and were getting ready to head home, they told dad they would make him a good deal if he would buy them .

The peaches looked and smelled so good; dad couldn't resist  he bought both bushels ,seems like they let him have them for two dollars .

I couldn't wait to peel one of those peaches for myself and sample it, didn't take long for me to decide  we had some of the best peaches I'd ever eaten.

I thought we'd have to peel the whole two bushels by hand,  but mother had a better Idea.

She says we're not going to peel them by hand; that's way too much work.

Instead, we're going to use a trick that works with many fruits and vegetables with skins on them (like tomatoes);  we'll just dip the fruit in boiling water for a few seconds.

You know what it worked like a charm their skins came  right off , and they were very easy to peel after that.

Mother sliced them into halves cooked them for awhile until  they became syrupy, and then she filled up 36 quarts of the best peaches you ever ate, and had enough left over for a peach cobbler pie.

That we had for dinner, needless to say we eat good that night.

Even today when I shop for peaches I look for the Alberta peach if I can find them that's how much I still enjoyed those first ones mother fixed for us back then.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,   Coleman

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