Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This pew is taken!

It seems some churchgoers - Missionary Baptist  included - are somewhat possessive of a "family members  pew".

That was kind of the case for Mother...Mother had  been sitting in the same pew... "At LICK FORK MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH"....  for a number of years.

Minus Dad of course, since he hadn't been led "At that time" to attend with her.

On Sunday mornings as was expected,  Mother and her children would fill the pew .

  Fellow members often  "saved" the pew just for them.

After her passing;  her seat in the pew remained empty for a little while.

Since none of the children wanted to sit in it.

 But  things were about to change.

 After Mom's passing Dad got the urge  to start going to Church, you probably guessed it, the seat he chose to occupy was Mother's.

Seems mother had  been keeping the seat warm for him all those years, and he hadn't realized it.

 Hoping  that one day he would change his mind and start going to Church .

I'm sure it pleased Mother that her faithfulness had  been  finally rewarded when Dad started attending .

Don't think Mother ever realized how special she was to so many people... and  to our dad...  and  how  that it must have been ordained  for her to sit in that pew.

 Seems God and her fellow Church members knew this well, and some one had written on the pew... in invisible Ink... "this pew is taken".

 " LICK FORK MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH" located on Hwy East 80 London, Kentucky.

 Mother's  favorite place to Worship, she loved that Church and its people.


Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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