Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Commodity Cheese

We grew up poor in Southeastern Kentucky during the Harry S. Truman era.

Dad was out of work for a while in the 50's. The U.S. department of  commodities  kept a lot of families like ours, from going hungry.

I grew to know and love the government cheese   "it was good" ,  and you could use it for about everything.

Government cheese is above average compared to other brands.

 It made some of the best sandwiches,  and was  good to eat  by its self.

Poor folks like us had to stand in  long lines for the surplus food .

 But  it was well worth the wait, if you were down and out .

Other than cheese, we received canned  pork, flour, rice,  dried milk, peanut butter, and  pinto beans

Fortunately we didn't have to stay on the program long.

 I was kind of hoping after we stopped going, we could buy cheese like that in the stores .

We tried but couldn't find any that tasted quite like the commodity cheese.

Most everyone liked it so well , actually a black market developed  for it.

People were willing to buy it from you if you didn't want yours for some reason.

As I think back on those times  we stood in line  to get our commodity's.

 I  remember missing the cheese most of all, but was truly grateful Dad no longer needed  assistance.

So  that someone who did need it more than we did, could have our share.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by, Coleman

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