Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Moonshine a high-spirited drink of Southerners

Moonshine, also known as ...white lightning... hooch... mountain dew... and a slew of other quite colorful names, including ...corn squeezin’s.

 Is a most sought after drink by a lot of Southern men, who get a hankering for some of it, from time to time.

Being illegal in; Southeastern Kentucky to make or sell, you either had to make it yourself illegal, or buy some from a boot-leggier illegal, to obtain any. 

Grandpa (Cap) Parman loved his squeezin's, and most of the time, he had a little stash hid around somewhere.

Where Granny Parman and the rest of the family couldn't  find it .

Caps private stash was for himself; Cap maintained he was a tee-totaler, when it came to... drinking moonshine... he  maintained he, never took a drink of the stuff, unless he was by himself or with someone.

And for the most part , I think that was a true saying from Cap.

I know little bit about the smell of moonshine myself. And I also know the taste. And, oh yes, the jolt. I once drank some back when I was young  with Cap and Dad.

Cautiously sipping the rim of the Mason jar they handed me, I recoiled like a snake had gotten a stranglehold on my lips when the clear liquid hit my tongue.

 “When you absorb a deep swig of it, you have all the sensations of having swallowed a lighted kerosene lamp.”

That sip of illegal “mountain dew” slipped into my stomach and hammered through my blood stream to my brain.

I  felt  dizzy and nauseated ; for some time from it , I told them both after I got settled down a bit, they could keep their  corn squeezin's, I didn't want any part of that stuff.

Guess I'm not Southern, when it comes to  moonshine  if drinking that high-spirited drink is what it takes to be Southern I'm definitely not Southern.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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