Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The American Chestnut Tree.

The American Chestnut tree,
Once ruled supreme In the Appalachian Region of Southeastern Kentucky, where we lived.

This amazing tree, at one point was Kentucky's equal to the redwood trees of California .
It was coveted by loggers and farmers for its strong wood, and for being rot resistant
An airborne bark fungus accidentally introduced in the early 1900s, wiped out virtually all of them .
I recall some of the trees around us reaching 100 feet in height and up to 5 or more feet in diameter, many of them were still standing during the early 40s when I was growing up.
Dad said Chestnuts from the trees provided an immense supply of food for humans and wildlife.
Deer, turkey, squirrels, bears and even pigeons like them for food.
The Chestnut tree was also a valuable source for tannin furniture, ageless flooring, and split-rail fences.
My Grandpa Schell and his neighbors used Chestnut for split-rail fencing around their farms.
The Chestnut tree, that once dominated forests in Kentucky, sudden demise.
Left many wondering if the tree could ever make a come back .
I've heard the forest service is working on a new strand, that may be resistant to the fungus, and they are hopeful, it can make a come back some day .
Sad to say; for those of us who remember the beautiful American Chestnut tree, about all that remains of it today ,are the memories it left behind.

Until Next Time. God Bless.
My Meditations by, Coleman

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