Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Cleaning

 Spring time was  time of year to shed the sluggishness of winter!

It was believed by many old folks that the family needed a good “spring cleaning” after a sedentary winter of eating dried vegetables and salted meat.

 Each member of the family would have their dose of this mixture to purify their blood, thin or “cut” the blood, and make them feel better after the long winter.

Springtime tonics helped the blood rise like sap in trees, during spring they claimed. 

 Sulfur and molasses, Black-Draught...Coal Oil and Sassafras tea... Cod-Liver Oil... were some of the old folks remedies still in use when I was a young lad.

 Depended on availability and what they had in the home.

Spring OH "Spring" no Sulfur and Molasses please, us kids thought it was some kind of evil concoction  Mother and Dad had thought up to punish us for misbehavior or something .

The tonic did seemed to have some benefits though, we usually felt better in a few days after the taste went away. 

Doctors were too scarce and too expensive to be summoned to a country farm without grave reason back in them days.

 Family's did what they had too, to keep well, even if it meant taking a "Spring Cleaning" tonic, in the beginning of Spring .

 But I can honestly say to this day, I never did learn how to like the taste of that stuff, for some reason.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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