Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Apple butter thick enough to slice

If I had to choose one taste to remind me of childhood, it would be homemade biscuits... spread with homemade... apple butter.

Don't get much better than that.

Orchards have been around for a long time and  regarded as special places to those who like apples .

 Grandpa Elhannon Schell had such a place and mother and dad frequented it often in the fall, when  apples were getting ripe.

Their favorites for apple butter making, were the...Ida Red, McIntosh, Wine sap, and Jonathan.

Mothers recipe for "Apple Butter Thick Enough To Slice"
was not to complicated.

When Mother had her apples picked and ready, she washed them good, quartered them up and put them into her canning kettle, peelings core and all.

When the kettle was two thirds full she added some water to it and placed it on her wood burning cook stove.

After the first cooking stage the cooked apples were processed through a food colander which removed all the peel, core, seeds and stems.

Some cinnamon and sugar were added and the second faze of cooking began. 

Many people who are in the habit of making apple butter, take it from the fire before it is boiled near enough.

To make thick apple butter  it requires slow cooking and constant stirring until the apple butter becomes thick enough to where its hard to stir.

Then its placed into jars that have been preheated in water for a while.

The jar is covered with a heated lid...tightened... and let stand over night until the lid seals.

 When that is complete; You now have yourself some of the best  home-made apple butter in the world.

All you need to make it perfect is... some hot home made biscuits... fresh from the oven.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman


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