Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The News

Before modern day news casting came on the scene, news traveled at a much slower pace, and  more often than not, by route of the printing press.

My grand parents George and Carrie Parman, were avid readers of the news, News Papers offered the best way to stay informed in their day .

The papers they enjoyed  reading most was , "The Sentinel-Echo" of London,Kentucky and the "Courier Journal" they subscribed to  from Louisville Kentucky.

Between the two papers, they could tell you pretty much what was going on locally,  in the state,  and around the world.

In fact ,many people sought them  out, for their opinions on news issues.

Frank Bentley, Superintendent of Bush High school for many years ,conferred with my Grandfather George,  quite often  about things ,pertaining to education and social matters in his district.

 Many others, a long with myself  enjoyed their wisdom of the news.

I recall a story from "The Courier Journal" grandpa  told me about once, of a family from  the Louisville area, Who had four sons serving in the Army  simultaneously, during World war ll.

I thought that was such a rare event for a family to have four sons serving in the same branch of the military at the same time.

Such story's as these, made you feel good about their devotion to reading.

My grandparents were great readers, I'm pretty sure if they were with us today, they would say to all of us, don't for get to keep your reading skills up to power.

 Even though you have T.V. and all the modern day communicational means today available to you, reading something in print, leaves an impression like none other on your mind.

 At least that's the impression I got  from them both, when I sought their professional opinion of a matter my self.

Until next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditation by,  Coleman

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