Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tuttles Country Store

Out of necessity, country stores, or general stores, got their start.

While every store was different, there were similarities among many, including a front that was decorated by tin signs advertising... tobacco... cigars... soft drinks...hardware...and more.

Molly & Oak Tuttle's Country Store wasn't any different.

Tuttle's store was located at the end of Rocky Branch Road, near Campground in Laurel Co. Kentucky.

When you entered Tuttle's Country store, you were met with dim lighting, a long counter running along one side the wall.

A heating stove in the middle of the room for heating, a couple chairs and a coal bucket sitting around it.

And side walls lined with shelves, drawers, and bins.

That were stocked with items such as, lanterns, pails, ropes. Produce, nuts, beans, flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda.

Shelves not only contained foot stuffs, but, also fabric and sewing notions, household items, soaps, medicines, spices, dishes, cartridges and shells.

A little bit of everything for the household.

Molly and Oak were two of the most friendly people you would ever meet.

I never for-got the both of them, they made you feel welcome, when you were in the store.

Oak had a speech impairment ,and stuttered pretty badly, but you had to love him for the tireless effort he made trying to expressing himself, the best way he could.  

There are few places, that can offer pleasant memories among old timers, like that of the Country Store.

Many of us remember the shopping trips we made there, for penny candies,  and  a chance at  hearing the old-timers tell their stories, while sitting around a  pot belly stove during  wintertime.

Or maybe watching  a game of checkers, on the porch in summer .

Until Next Time. God Bless.

My Meditations by, Coleman

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