Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weavers Pool Room

Saturday was the designated  day, our family used for going to town , to grocery shop, and take care of farming matters .

Dad usually drove our vehicle, or some times, he would drive grandpa Parman's car.

Either way ,Granny Parman and mom went a long to do the grocery shopping, while dad and grandpa took care of  farming needs .

Grandpa liked to shoot pool, and search for a little nip of whiskey in town.

Hoping Granny and mom wouldn't  find out about that part of  the trip , since they were both apposed  to his pool shooting and drinking.

Weavers Pool Room was the perfect place to hang out for grandpa and his friends.

Weavers had pool tables,  and a lunch counter.

The fellows played a game called check pool, where each player drew a couple of numbered pills, from the pill bag, if you could make your numbered balls first, you won .

 There was always a modest wager on the game for sportsmanship of course, maybe a dollar or so per person .

Weavers was established in 1940, and was particularly famous for its chili  Hot dogs.

 The original pool tables  grandpa and his friends played on,  were removed in the sixty's. and the place became a  restaurant  .

 The  walls of the restaurant were lined  with  numerous pictures , showing people and events of London and Laurel County.

People would  often come to the restaurant,  just to see the pictures .

Grandpa  loved Weaver's place, the Chile dogs,  the pool games, a good drink of whiskey when he could find it .

 A win, win, situation ,life just didn't get much better than Saturdays at Weaver's Pool Room for grandpa.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,   Coleman


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