Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Uncle Tipp

 My Uncle Tipp Brock, served in World War 1 and had many close calls with death during his time in the  service.

Sometimes uncle Tipp would share with you some of the close calls , but  many of them, were just to hard to share.

I always loved hearing Uncle Tipp talk about  the War stories.

And learn how he had  managed to survived and make it back home alive .

Uncle Tip, Uncle Grover, and Aunt Pear, lived on; their parents farm... on Rocky Branch Road... Laurel County Kentucky.

Tipp said he felt  living there was as close to living in Paradise ,as you could get.

I'm sure the War experience ,had given him a greater appreciation... for the simple and peaceful way of life, they had found on Rocky Branch Road.

Uncle Tipp wore Big Ben overalls, about  every were  he went.

 When ever I think of him today  ...those Big Bens... come to mind... they were his trade mark.

 I am honored to be of kin to Uncle Tipp, who fought for our country's freedom, a long side some of the bravest men, to ever wear the uniform of our nation.

In World War 1, the soldiers didn't have good warm  clothes and modern weapons like our soldiers have today, many suffered frost bite and injury's, un image able.  

Our country has been blessed, and our freedom protected by those like Uncle Tipp,  who willingly fought  for it, in World War 1.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,    Coleman

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