Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reda Drive Inn Theater

When my oldest sister Fern starting courting, I got to tag a long on one of her dates.

Her boy friend Lester had promised to take her to see a movie called  "The Kentuckian" when it came out in 1955.

 Some of the movie had been filmed at the " Levi Jackson park near our home" some at the "Cumberland Falls".

So naturally we were all looking forward to seeing that part of the movie if nothing else.

Lester pulls up in his Chevrolet Pick up truck around 6:00 pm, plenty of time to get us there before dark.

The Reda Drive Inn Theater opened in 1953 and had just been open a couple years.

Lester parked us about mid way of its 400 car parking spaces .

 We  decided to go the concession stand for soft drinks and pop corn before movie time.

On the way back a few of the cars were honking their horns to start the movie. 

Perhaps they thought honking the horn might have an impact on starting time.

We thought "The Kentuckian" was the best movie ever and stayed until the very end.

 Several cars  beside us left a few minutes early; guess they didn't want to get caught in the traffic jam, that   happens when 400 cars all think of leaving at the same time.

 About 15 minutes later the traffic dyed down a bit Lester decided to go,  pulling out and, merging with the rest of the traffic.

 The overhead lights were on  and  people  were having a ball blowing their horns,what young people will do to have fun .

 I was so proud of Lester and Fern,  for letting me tag a long that night and  being a part of their date, and for Lester's cool demeanor  he demonstrated  getting us out  of the Reda Drive Inn Theater safely.

Until Next Time.  God Bless. 

Coleman Schell

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