Monday, October 26, 2015


 My life and the lives of  my family was affected by many kinds of superstitions.

There were sayings for just about anything that happened.

When the trees leaves turned underside over, it would soon rain.

Never have your tooth pulled if the signs of the Zodiac are in the head.

 The Farmers Almanac proclaimed certain days  were best  for planting  your root crops .

 May was considered flower days, if you planted cucumbers or squash the first of the month , you would get thousands of blooms but no cucumber's or squash.

 Certain phases of the moon were  better  for planting potatoes than others.

Superstitions on  an even greater degree, had some people afraid to let their children look in a mirror until they were a year old.

It was said if you did it could bring bad luck, or they might even die.

Killing a toad frog accidentally, could cause your cow to give bloody milk.

If you carried a shovel through the house a grave would soon need to be dug.

Being around practices such as these, probably helped me a lot in my later years.

To plan life more on the real world and less on superstitions

Still today I'm reminded of the powerful persuasion and  influence superstitions left on me.

 Such as the one about a black cat crossing your path will cause you bad luck before your journey is over, its hard to let go of some of these saying once they sink in to your mind. 

I still flinch today when a black cat crosses my path.

Strange isn't it, how something as simple as  superstition can control our thinking and behavior if we succumb to it.

Until Next Time.    God Bless

Coleman Schell

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