Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shuck Beans

In olden days, families eat what they grew.

Each family had its cornfield and a garden, and they both were important to survival.

In our garden we grew lots of beans, beans were easy to grow and easy to prepare and you could save them for use at a later time.

You could cook them fresh when you picked them from the vine, or they could be canned or dried.

Some of my favorite beans that we grew were...white half runners... the striped cornfield bean...and the Kentucky wonder. 

There were a couple ways for drying beans; dried beans were called Shuck Beans by many .

One  way was to use a big darning needle threaded with heavy duty thread.

The needle was inserted between a couple of the middle beans, you knotted the tread on the end of the string first so the beans wouldn't slip off .

When you had a string that was maybe two to three ft. long you tied it off,  hung it up on the porch, or some place where they would be out of the weather to dry.

The beans would shrivel up and turn a straw color, when  dried.

After they dried you put them in a cloth sack for storage.

The other way, was to break them into bite size pieces, place them on a white cloth in a sunny place to dry for a few days; either way worked well.

A good way to cook shuck beans was to soak them one to two hrs. in water.

Then rinse and put a slab of salt cured bacon in with them and let the cooking begin.

When they were done you had yourself, some shuck beans that tasted like, no other bean you ever ate.

Our gardens feed us, the cornfields feed the animals.

 What a blessing.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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