Tuesday, September 15, 2015

JFG Coffee

Breakfast started early at our house when I was a kid, It started out with daddy  building a fire in the cook stove.

 Mother measuring out some JFG coffee for the coffee pot.

 Using an  aluminum percolator,  dad bought for her  birthday.

The percolator was a welcomed relief over the pot she'd been using .

Mother loved the new pot ,and made hundreds of cups of coffee in it before giving it up for an electric one.

As soon as the stove was hot  enough, she placed the pot on one of the burner plates, to heat up.

Didn't take it long to start perking,  and its aroma  began   radiating through out the house.

The soothing JFG smell would wake up the soundest of  sleepers my Grandpa Cap always said.

As soon as I would get a whiff of it in my bed room, I knew breakfast was in the making..

When breakfast was ready mother would call us to come eat.

I remember her pouring daddy a cup first, then  pouring  herself one and then she'd pour some of the coffee in a saucer, cooling it with her breath, then drinking it.

Drinking coffee that way, was a bit unusual I reckon, compared to the way most people drink it.

She would  dunk a biscuit in it sometimes and eat the "soaky" biscuit.

We just had a special mother in more ways than one, and drinking her coffee the way she did,  was one of the special things I remember about her.

I tried her way a few times, but preferred mine in the cup .

I think she was the only one of us who liked coffee that way.

JFG Coffee was Founded in 1919, and, had for their slogan.

"JFG Special Coffee. The Best Part of the Meal."

For our family I'd have to say that  pretty much summed up the way we felt about it too.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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