Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Flour Sacks

"Repair, reuse, make do, and don't throw anything away" was a common motto at our home during the Depression days of the 1940's.

 Very few families had enough money to buy new clothes at a store.

Mother mended our socks and sewed patches over the holes in our clothes.

Clothes were "recycled" and reused as younger children "made do" with hand-me-downs from other family members.

When  Dad brought home sacks of flour or livestock feed,  Mother used the sacks to sew everything from girls' dresses to boys' shirts from them.

Our favorite brand of flour was... Courtesy came in printed sacks and mother saved them all .

Besides being coveted for the beautiful printed designs , the flour was some of the best you could buy .

 Home made biscuits made form it was a testimony of its goodness.

And mothers black-berry dumplings were  simply amazing.

I always said,when you ate a dish of her black-berry dumplings, you had to pat your foot while eating them to contain yourself,  because they were that good.

Providing the dress's the shirts and all the good eating , Courtesy Flour was  certainly a big hit  with our family.

 It  also was a great  help, in us getting through the Depression and  us having decent cloths to wear to school.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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