Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Begining of Autumn

I always liked to hold on to the crisp refreshing air of early fall in Kentucky.

Mornings from the cooler nights in August,often
brought dense fogs .

By mid morning  though, the fogs would lift and the rest of the day would be just gorgeous. 

I often wished I could hoard some of those last of summer days away somewhere.

So that in the dead  part of winter, I might take one out and enjoy it all over again.

  The beginning of Fall was a special time of year on the farm, one of the task that came with it at our house was, saving  some seeds from the years crops, to plant the next year.

Dad would let the beans dry on the plant, and we'd save as many as he figured we needed for next year's crop

He would pick out the biggest  most perfect tomatoes.

 Scrape out the seeds from them, place the seeds on a white cloth, to dry in the sun. 

 Later when they were dry, he would put them in a jar, for storage .

And he would save seeds from  the melons, pumpkins,cushaws, corn, and so forth.

After the seeds were save...  the tobacco cut...the potatoes dug... and the corn gathered...it was time to start cutting fire wood, and stove wood for the winter .

Wood cutting lasted until we had enough  to keep us warm for the winter.

If dad  was fortunate enough to have money to buy coal, we didn't have to cut as much

November was a time to grade the tobacco, and get it ready for market, and do the Hog butchering for our winter meat.

By now it was usually turning cold , and we'd see flocks of Geese flying over head, going south  on their way for winter.

The beginning of Autumn in Kentucky, brings back a lot of good memories for me,  memories of family life on the farm when I was younger.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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