Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Young people have always had to make choices for themselves, wasn't any different when I was growing up.

One of the choices I made when I was about fifteen years of age, was one that has had long lasting influence on my life, that choice was whether to smoke or not to smoke.

And how that all came about was quite unusual, Dad had smoked as far back as I could remember.

 And I kind of grew up around smokers.

I noticed the cough he developed from the  smoking, and wondered why anyone would want to do something that made them cough.

Never the less as I watched him cough and snap the Prince Albert lid open  from the tobacco can and roll his cigarettes .

I realized their must be something  more compelling going on .

 I wondered if I was missing  out on something by not smoking.

 Lots of other people seemed to enjoy smoking.

So one day I asked dad if I could roll a cigarette and try smoking it, to find out for myself.

To my surprise he didn't object.

After I rolled the cigarette, and struck a match to light it, I wondered what it was going to feel like, inhaling the smoke and blowing smoke rings from it, like I'd seen others do.

On my very first puff of smoke from the cigarette I got strangled and started coughing, My eyes started to water, and I  lost my breath for a short time, and I started feeling sick to my stomach.

 After I settled down with my breathing, and the stomach cleared a bit. I said to dad I don't think smoking is for me, and  handed him the cigarette.

Because dad allowed me the opportunity to try smoking .

It became an easy choice for me,  of whether to smoke or not to smoke.

For others I know the answer isn't that easy, Thanks dad for helping your son with this one.

 I've appreciated it much over the years.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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