Monday, August 31, 2015

A Willow Tooth Brush

Wow we have come a long way with Dentistry.

My first tooth brush was made from a willow tree branch.

The process  went something like this, you took the branch and frayed one end of it with a knife until it was flexible like a tooth brush is today.

Then you were ready to dip the frayed part of the branch into some baking Soda, and begin your brushing.

Pretty crud, but when you had no tooth brush  and no tooth paste at all, it beat the heck out of nothing.

I was twenty years old before seeing my first Dentist  and started caring for my teeth the way we do today.

Its a wonder any of us had any teeth left by twenty, but some how, the diet we grew up on didn't promote tooth decay like the diets a lot of us have today.

Fortunately for me, most of my teeth were fixable at twenty, and I still have them today.

Wasn't so for  Mother and Dad, and their generation  they struggled for years with teeth problems before getting any help.

So if you have beautiful teeth today "Thank God for them" and thank Him for modern day Dentistry.

 My advice to you is, take advantage of all the good Dentistry today, and keep your teeth as long as you can.

The Willow tooth brush was helpful in my day, but no match for the wonderful tooth brushes and Dental care  available to us today.

Until next Time. God Bless.

Coleman Schell  

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