Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Whopping amount of change

Since the start of my schooling in the 1940's I have witnessed a whopping amount of change.

I've come from and era of walking a mile or so to school, to an era where parents drive their children to school or, they are picked up by bus.

The school buildings have changed;  from one room,    heated with wood and coal.

  To multi-rooms  today using high efficient gas furnaces and air conditioning. 

 Teaching methods have changed; the ones we used in the 40's are pretty much gone.

Teachers have changed .

Text books have changed .

Almost nothing remains of the 1940's teaching principles  and methods I grew up with.

 Such as having good manners, respecting your elders, helping others---- reciting a Bible verse before class and , pledging allegiance to our flag .

 So much change.

After diligent thought to this and some 76 years of practicing the things I learned from my schooling.

I must confess I'm a bit uncertain where we are going with today's teaching.

 Hopefully everything will work out for the best , and my concerns want be warranted.

 The Bible tells us; all things happen in our lives for a reason .

I'm probably a bit ole fashion,  defending  my generations teaching the way I do.

  The  education era I came through , in my opinion, was an era that brought America to its finest hour.

Hopefully the generation of today, will be able to say the same about theirs.

Until next time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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