Saturday, August 1, 2015

A most unusual Cattle Drive

Brother James And I were talking the other day about  cattle driving.

 And how for the most part,  it is none existent  today. 

The story I'm sharing with you  today happened back when the both of us were youngsters , and involved  our Uncle Coy and Dad.

Uncle Coy and Dad it seems decided pricing for livestock in London, Kentucky was a bit to low for them to sell their stock  there.

And since they were in need of immediate and   maximum  cash.

The Idea came to them to take their live stock to Richmond KY.

They heard from some of the neighbors pricing was a lot better there.

They rounded up some 10 head of cattle, five sheep, two goats, ten chickens, two turkeys, one ole goose... and  a  Mule and a chuck wagon... and started their cattle drive.

They hadn't gone far into the drive when they  discovered...   keeping the livestock  and poultry  together... and all  them moving in the same direction.

Wasn't a easy task .

After three grueling days and some lost sleep, they finally arrived in Richmond.

 Checking in at the market their spirits were dampened.

They learned pricing for live stock and poultry wasn't any better there, than it was at London.

Reluctantly they cashed in.

  A long the way home they were trying hard to for-get about the cattle driving, the low pricing, and all the hard work  they had put into the drive.

 From the way this story ended.

James and I think Uncle Coy and Dad  might have given the Richmond market their live stock.

 If it meant they had to go through driving it all back home again .

Guess the ole saying is still true,  the grass isn't always greener on the other side the fence, or even in the next town.

 Seemed to be that way for Dad and Uncle Coy .

Thanks brother James,  I enjoyed our conversation about the days gone by, and for the laughs  we shared,  and for the  rehashing of this story.

For sure, I'd about lost this one in the ole memory bank.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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