Tuesday, July 28, 2015


My first sprint into entrepreneurship happened when I was in 5th grade.
A catalog from the American Seed Company came to our mail box.

I had seen their add in the "Grit" news paper before, but hadn't answered it.

In my younger days, I loved  getting mail and reading  the Grit news paper, they were my link to the outside world.

The ad in the Seed catalog caught my eye right away, it offered an opportunity to sell garden and flower seeds, to your neighbors and friends and make some money for yourself.

I had zero experience at doing that kind of thing, but decided if I could make some money at doing it  I'd be brave and give it a try.

 You could ordered as many packages of seeds  as you wanted  and the Company would mail them out to you .

The price was ten cents a package.

 As a sales person for the Seed Co. you were allowed to keep one third of the total sales, as a commission for yourself.

That sounded pretty good to me, and just the opportunity I'd been looking for.

Upon receiving my order, I was thrilled and  excited at the same time to be officially  in business for myself.

Right away I hit the road as, Laurel County's, American Seed Company representative.

After some intense sales effort and several miles of walking, I finally sold the last of my sixty package order.

"Whew" I was glad to see that last one sold. 

My Grandpa Schell bought the last twenty packages.

Paying me with a $2.00 bill,  I had never seen  a $2.00 bill before, let along hold one in my hand.

It felt pretty good having that $2.00 bill in my pocket .

When it was time for me to send the money back to the Seed Company, I kept the $2.00 bill as my commission.

And boy I hung on to that thing for a long time.

  But eventually did brake down and spend it... kind of... wish ...That I had kept it since it was given to me by Grandpa.

 Safe to say selling Seeds wasn't;  one of my better endeavors.

 I just didn't  seem to have the gift of gab and the  knack of selling things,  something all a good salesman pocess .  

Until next time, God bless.

Coleman Schell

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