Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A years lost wages

Back in the 1940's 50's 60's Tobacco was a popular cash crop for a lot of Kentuckians.

Including our family, we raised our first crop in the 50's, we partnered up with Grandpa Cap Parman in doing it.

He let us use his land and furnished the fertilizer for the tobacco, we furnished the sweat and labor , and we split the profits when it was sold.

We took the Tobacco  to the London Warehouse after it was graded. and put it on the market for auction in late November.

The three major Tobacco Company's at that time were  were "Brown & Williams"  "Lorillard Tobacco Co." "R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

The warehouse used an auctioneer to conduct the bidding, and the Tobacco was sold to the Company with the highest bid.

  That was unless you felt the pricing  wasn't fair.

In that case you could pull your crop off the floor and re- enter it for sale at a later date.

Fortunately for us we got a good price the first time around, and excepted the bid.

For the amount of Tobacco we grew we received twenty four hundred dollars,  twelve hundred for our 50%.

That was a lot of money to have in a hump sum, I remember dad put it in his wallet and placed it in the pocket of his Big Ben Overalls for safe keeping.

Most of the money was owed to  merchants we had traded with for the year.

For some reason that afternoon Dad decided to return the  borrowed Tobacco sticks he used in harvesting the Tobacco, to uncle Coy, via our team of horses and wagon.

Mother and us kids went along to help.

We didn't get home until after dark, Dad checked for the money in his Big Bens and discovered it wasn't there, we were devastated. 

The whole family set out right away in search of the missing money, back tracking  every step of our journey that we had taken.

About a half mile into the search the wallet was found .

It was as if God shined a light brighter than the lantern we were using,  to show us where the wallet was laying in the leaves beside the roadway.

What a relief to recover that lost year of wages, and to be able to re- pay our debts, and to take care of our immediate needs.

"A Miracle from God it was for sure." our family was  humbled and blessed by the experience, we knew we wouldn't have found the wallet and money with out His Help.

No one knows to this day how the wallet bounced out of the pocket of Dads Big Ben overalls during the wagon ride,  didn't seem possible to us, but some how it did. 

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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