Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Tangy Treat

I like Rhubarb; Rhubarb is a plant some folks like, and  some don't.

Sounds a little weird liking something with such a tangy tarty taste, doesn't it ?

 Weird or not that's the other side of me I suppose.

Rhubarb is somewhat easy to grow...you can grow it about anywhere ... in the garden... back yard... beside the house... anywhere there is good soil and sun light .

Early spring... before new growth starts... is the best time to transplant it.... if you want to start you some. 

You can't harvest Rhubarb stalks, during the first growing season though.

The plant needs to become established, or it want do much good for you.

During the second year of growth... when the stalks became established... and they  turn greenish  red... reaching heights of 12 to 16 inches... you know it's time for Rhubarb pie.

 Rhubarb never seems to lose its tarty taste  even when its cooked,  so to make it a little less tarty some folks mixed it with strawberries,  or some other berries.

 But even when you do that, it still keeps its  tangy taste .

Those of you who are with me on liking Rhubarb, guess what  we're probably way down on the lower end of the  scale, but who cares aye.

Mother just plain spoiled me, with the Rhubarb pies, she baked for our family when I was younger and growing up .

 Thanks Mom for  your gifted way of changing something tangy and  tarty, into something delicious,  I  would never have believed it was possible.

 But you were our special and talented Mom and I'm sure that had something to do with it..

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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