Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Unforgetable Fishing Trip

Uncle Elvin  Weaver, Cap Parman, Dad, myself and Cousin Rodney.

Went on a camping trip, to the Narrows located on the Rockcastle River, near London, KY.

Its called, the Narrows because the Rockcastle river narrows to just a few feet wide there,  forcing the river to follow a narrow path through the boulders and rocky walls to its level below.

We physically packed our camping gear in to camp, because this place wasn't accessible by automobile .

It was mid evening when we reached our destination.

 Everyone had developed fishing fever by now, and could hardly wait  to get started fishing at the narrows.

 Rodney and I  began baiting our hooks, as soon as we arrived.

Cap came over where we were doing the baiting, and started telling us one of his  fish story's.

One of his  more notable ones I might say at that.

 Rodney and I  listened intently  while Cap was telling us his story.

 Cap said he heard fishing at the narrows was good, in fact it was so good.

When you fished there you had to hid behind  a tree to bait your hook, so the fish wouldn't get your bait before you had time to put it on the hook.

The story sounded  fishy to us but we gave Cap the benefit of doubt, since we had never been there before..

The fish did bite good while we were there, and we did catch a bunch of them, that part of his story was true at least.

 But no one reported any problem with bait thieves.

We  all had such a good time on that trip.

Cap kept us laughing with his fish stories, jokes and good humor .

Dad and Elvin did the cooking for us, the food they cooked  tasted so good eating it around our camp fire.

This camping trip turned out to be one of the best week-end fishing trips I can ever remember spending with my family.

Would love to do this one,  all over again.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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