Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Home Brewing gone astray

In the summer of 1950 Grandpa Cap Parman and my dad went off the narrow pathway for a bit, and decided to make for themselves some home brewed beer, and Elderberry wine.

From their well conceived plans, and much talk about the subject ,you would have been convinced, they knew what they were doing.

At least that's the opinion I formed.

Elderberries were pretty easy to find, for the most part in Kentucky , Elderberries like moist soil, and you’ll find them in ditches, near rivers banks, and other damp ground. 

 We had an abundance of such places near our home, and it wasn't long until we had acquired the berries they needed.

To go with the berries, Dad and Cap  bought other ingredients, needed for the wine making and beer brewing.

The big moment finally came to put their idea to the test.

As the home brewing and wine making got underway, everything seemed to be going as planned.

Even during the bottling stage  it all went well, they were elated.

A few days went by before the  fermenting stage was complete.

Then one morning, we heard  from the shed behind our home ,the sound of bottles breaking, it was as if someone was doing target practice on the bottles.

When it was over, not a single bottle remained unbroken, Grandpa Cap and dad were, speechless.

We never knew if it might of, have had something to with the secret prayers of Mother and Granny parman against their Idea, that brought  about the disaster .

 What ever the reason,  Cap and Dad never tried their home brewing  and wine making Idea again after that as far as I know.

 Also as far as I know, no one ever got a taste of their Home Brewing skills.

Maybe it was a good thing, it happened the way it did.

 They might have gotten hooked on the beer wine making Idea, and had way more troubles, than Mother and Granny's prayers, later on in life.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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