Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Labor Of Love

When our father was 56 he had a massive stroke that pretty much debilitated him, in fact it was so severe, the Doctors didn't give him much of a chance getting over it. 

Neighbors and friends gathered around with our family in his hospital room, asking God to spare his life and to heal his body.

Miraculously our prayers were answered, dad pulled through the stroke and lived several more years.

Wasn't easy for him in the beginning, but he was a man of strong conviction and we knew he wouldn't give up easy.

During all this he came up with a therapy program of his own, that astonished us all, and worked wonders for him.

Some of us thought the program to be possible but for the most part not much likely that he would ever be able to complete it.

The bold plan of therapy he chose was to force himself each day to get up and go out to the garage and work.

Work on building a bed for each one of us children and a bed, dresser and cedar chest for Momma.

Such a unselfish ambition that left us all speechless.

Once the therapy started it seemed there was no turning back.

Each day seemed to bring more strength and healing than the previous, Dad put every ounce of will power he had into this project. 

Day by day this went on until he completed his work,and eleven beautiful beds were built plus the dresser and chest for Mother.

By the time this amazing accomplishment was finished he had for the most part gained back  his strength lost to the stroke and was able to get around pretty well.

 We were all so proud of him for the hard work he put into his project, and we certainly was over whelmed when he presented to each of us a bed.

As I sleep in my cedar bed today its impossible not to feel the labor of love he put into it .

And also feel the grace of God that was with him each step of the way, while he was building it. 

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman  Schell

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