Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Time In The Military

Two days after my 9th birthday, dad volunteered for the Army.

Catching the bus from Corbin Kentucky to Fort Knox .

The family said good bye to him ,before his leaving with uncle Grover Brock to catch the bus.

Seems he had been wrestling with this matter for some time, and finally decided to do it.

It was a week or so later before we got a letter from him saying he had been inducted.

 He wrote  about how much he was missing home.

And that military life was much different than what he expected.

 His serial number was  written on the first page.

 Mother read the letter out loud to us,  and as she did I   wrote the number down on the wall next to my bed.

And memorized it for some reason.

The  time dad served in the Military was short .

He was Honorably discharged on November the 3rd of 1948.

Whether he served 3 months or 3 years  the fact that dad wanted to serve our country, and gave it his best effort.

 Made him a mighty warrior to us. 

Thanks  dad for the time you served in the Army and your unwavering  devotion to raising your family, I still remember your serial number.

You were, a good father to us, much better at that,  I suppose than being a good soldier for the Army.

Until Next Time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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