Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Time In Kentucky

I remember the first signs of spring in the hollers of Southeastern Kentucky, were the sweet melody of frogs hollering in the creeks near by.

Redbuds, Dogwoods (Easter Lilies) blooming were good indicators spring was on the way,  and with their blooming, came the dreaded "Winters"  associated with them.

There was Redbud winter, Dogwood winter, Blackberry winter, whipperwill winter and probably some I've forgotten.

Every Gardner knew about these winters and planted their gardening accordingly, since each one brought with it the possibility of frost.

But the one sure sign of Spring that I paid the most attention to, was when it got warm enough to shed your shoes and go barefooted, you knew spring had arrived.

Most of the time my shoes had all but worn out by that time anyway,  and I was pretty much going barefooted whether I wanted to or not .

As the shoes came off.

A  good foot race was sure to happen,  with anyone willing to challenge.

Wouldn't dare going barefooted anymore.

I can barely walk on the carpet my feet are so  tender

Been awhile since I celebrated Springtime in Kentucky, but I'm betting those Redbuds and Dogwoods and (Easter Lilies) still bloom as beautiful as ever.

And that  those dreaded Winters" associated with them are still happening just as they did back then.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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