Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Family Night

Family- night... was on Friday nights... at our house when I was growing up, our family and our neighbors, would get together.

 To hang out and play card games, sip some coffee,or maybe just catch up on the neighborhood news.

It was a time we all looked forward too...everyone making sure they left that night open to... visit.

Some of the neighbors often said ...we had the most loyal family ever...when it came to getting together on Friday nights .

Grandpa (Cap) Parman loved playing card games... his favorite game was called set-back.

And winning was his primary goal... in fact he played the game so well he was hard to beat.

Cap was certainly tough when he was dealt good cards to play with.

He was at his best playing against our neighbors Corsie and Myrtle Hendrix .

It seemed to me there was... a little rivalry going on between Cap and the Hendrix's. 

What ever the reason was... everyone took the game  serious and winning was the goal when the game started.

 To me it reminded me of watching  the... Kentucky Wild Cats College  basket ball team... playing in the final four NCAA torment..

Looking back over the years... I  was... and still am... very proud to have been part of this family and family nights.

 Getting to share the good times we all had was special. 

Until Next Week.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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