Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best Movie Ever

The best movie ever for me was "Man From CHEYENNE" a western, produced back in 1942.

Starring Roy Rogers and "Gabby" Hayes.

I went to see "Man From Cheyenne " at the Reda Theater in London Kentucky.

 I'd never been to a movie theater before, you talk about being over whelmed, I was certainly that.

Seems like it cost us twenty five cents each to get in, and five cents for  a pop and some popcorn.

Dad... uncle Tipp... uncle Grover... and myself... attended the movie, we'd all been wanting to see it for awhile.

 As we passed by the pop corn stand , Uncle Tipp...insisted on buying us all some pop corn and a pop... "that made a Hugh impression on me".

After we were all seated...  we didn't waste any time before tasting the delicious pop corn .

 In between mouth fulls and while sipping on the pop, We each gave
 Tipp a big thank you for his generosity.

 Wasn't long until the room darkened... Woody Wood Pecker appeared ... showing off with some of  his woodpecker sounds and skills.

After a  great performance by Woody, "The Man From Cheyenne"   came on.

The Cheyenne story began with rustlers hustling a herd of cattle through a hidden tunnel.

The "SONS OF THE PIONEERS" were singing a western song in the back ground ..

Roy and his horse Trigger along with the rest of the cast were awesome good actors.

But "Gabby"  stole my heart; his acting  seemed to be so natural to him it was like the part was just made for him.

I still love watching Gabby in the ole westerns.

Man From Cheyenne  that night became... my favorite all time Western movie ever... I shall always treasure... getting to see it at the REDA Theater, with Dad Uncle Tipp and Uncle Grover.

Until next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

P.S. the picture I've posted of the  Reda Theater I took a few years back before it was torn down .

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