Wednesday, February 4, 2015



When Molly was born the world was in for a surprise.

Molly wasn't your normal everyday  calf; she didn't resemble any of her previous siblings and had a personally all of her own.

Right away she became inquisitive  .

Seeking friendship with all the barn yard residents.

Even to the point where most of them rejected her because of her zealous and curious behavior.

Especially the kittens they learned when Molly came out to play. " Time to make hast".

Molly's father was of the Holstein family and her mother Daisy, was  a Jersey.

Maybe that had something to do with it we never knew.

When Molly reached 7 weeks of age and time to be weaned.

She wasn't in any mood to share any of her milk. 

Dad had to figure out away for us to get Daisy's milk, instead of molly having it all.

So he invented a gadget he called a calf weaner, it was a muzzle that fit over Molly's face, and had sharp prongs ; when Molly tried to nurse Daisy it would poke her,  and Daisy...  saved her milk for us... "what an invention".

In fact the invention was so successful 70 years later; at one of  our Parman Brock Reunions fundraisers, it was auctioned off, and I was blessed to purchase it for $35.00.

 Today it is one of my prized processions .

When Molly reached 22 months of age she became a Mother herself, before it was time for her due date Dad  sold her,  to raise money for the family.

We never got to know what Molly's off spring may have been like, but if I know Molly her calf most likely  would have been  adventurous just like her.

Until next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell


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