Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An Amazing Mom

Looking back over my life, I often wish I could have done better with some things.

Especially writing and spelling.

I  marveled at mothers skill with spelling and writing, it seemed so easy for her, I  struggled with spelling and  writing  and came to her often  for help.

During my years of schooling , I never once stumped mother with anything in spelling.

She had just an eighth grade education, but could spell with the best of them.

In fact she won a spelling competition at  Union School in Laurel County, sponsored by "THE COURIER-JOURNAL" Louisville Ky.  in 1931.

Her accomplishment in spelling, seemed as if it was a God given talent .

Much of Mothers life  involved spelling and writing, she wrote and kept a diary of things that  she encountered, especially pertaining to family and the little things of life.

God truly blessed us with a wonderful mother.

She lead by example ,and taught us the good ways of life.

Helped us to find and to see the little things she cared so much about .

Little things meant a lot to her, it always seemed she could find them where ever she went.

 Wish I could have grasp more of her wisdom and talent, they were precious.

Until next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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