Sunday, February 15, 2015

A long night

On February 22, 1948 the year of the Lord, our family spent a long night, it was the night brother James was born.

A blustery snowy time out side, some 24 inches of snow fell during the night.

Up until this time, Mother had delivered all her children with the aide of a mid-wife.

But for this one, they decided to use Dr.Charles  Wathen, the community physician .

Dr. Wathen tried to get to our home before dark.

But the roads were slippery and bad,he parked  his car at uncle Tipp and Grover's.

Dad  had been waiting there for a while, to help him walk to our little house. 

Dad found a walking stick for each of them to stabilize themselves while walking through the two foot of snow.

Grandpa Schell had taken us kids home with him earlier, to spend the night.

The beauty of the fresh snow presented a post card setting.

 That night I slep with my two uncles Dewey, and Arthur Schell, in a feather bed.

 I nearly roasted from all their body heat, I was  so happy when  day light came and it was time to get up.

James was born, a little  before  sun  rise .

I told Mother when we arrived back home the next morning ,that night was  the longest night of my life.

She said "Amen" Coleman I know what you mean, I'm happy its over too, do you want to hold your brother James?

Until next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

P.S.  Happy Birthday James ! I hope we don't have all that snow  you had when you were born on the 22nd, here in Michigan.

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