Monday, January 26, 2015

When Electricity Came to our Quaint Little World

In South Eastern Kentucky Electricity was slow in getting to Laurel County especially the little nook of it we lived in.

Some folks in our county  got Electricity as early  as 1939 the year I was born, but for us it didn't arrive until a few years later.

I can still remember what an exciting day it was to finally see the crews with their trucks carrying the utility poles and  the wiring to our location.

It was a day little did I know , that was going to change our part of the world for ever.

Day by day they erected the poles and string the wiring thru the community until they come to our home.

 Uncle Elvin Weaver had wired our home in anticipation  of its arrival some time earlier, but it would be a few  days  before the designated route of wiring was completed ,and we would get our first Electricity.

When the first flicker of light came from the bulbs, I immediately knew  the kerosene  lamp, was extinct and life was going to be much different and a lot better soon.

In the days to follow mother was blessed to get an electric Iron, Ringer type washer, refrigerator, and dad got us a radio, you talk about moving up to the good times.

We came from the dark age to the light age over night.

What a blessing Electricity has brought to our lives, I'm grateful God  has allowed me to live without it as well as with it.

 Electricity is some thing we take for granted today, but I can still remember living with out it, as strange as that may seem.

Until next time, God bless.

Coleman Schell

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