Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Day With Dad

 When I was just a young lad, Dad took me along with him one day to his work place at the Hickory Mill in London Kentucky.

We rode in his  prized 1930 Model  A  Coupe Ford to get there, the roads  we took at best, might had some gravel on them, but for the most part they were un graveled.

I remember we got up early in the morning for this work day ,  making sure we would be on time, Dad never liked being late.

 About an hour later, we pulled into the rail yard a slight breeze was  blowing and a glimpse of the Sun could be seen over the horizon making for a gorgeous sun rise.

Dad was going to be helping some other men from the company load a box car with Hickory wood. 

The wood they were loading shipped by rail to the Fayette R. Plumb Philadelphia Pa. which made axe handles.

I was too young to be Idling about by myself, so Dad had me sit in the car while they worked.
Several times during the day, trains came by puffing clouds of steam from their stacks and blowing their whistle.

Stopping for a little while at a near by water and coal station to replenish their fuel supply .

I was simply amazed at the activity and was fascinated to be watching Dad and the men load the box car.

By noon I was getting pretty hungry, so we ate our lunch Mother had packed into a lard bucket earlier that morning, the lunch consisted of a couple pork chop sandwich's made with biscuits.

Around 6 pm that evening, the box car was finally loaded,  and we  headed home, on our way, we talked about the marvelous day I had gotten to share with Dad.

I'm amazed I  can still recall that beautiful day.

It was a day I shall always treasure, Thanks Dad for leaving  a father son memory that has endured the many years of time. 

Until next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell 

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