Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wood shead

I remember during my childhood of hearing  about the phrase "out behind the wood shed".

And I wondered what the heck they meant when they said that, I found out  later, it was about parents disciplining their Children, out behind the wood shed.

I was well rehearsed in discipline, I knew first hand about that one, our parents didn't call it the wood shed though.

They called it minding your parents.... where ever you were.... and what  ever you were doing.... and if you didn't the wood shed came to you.

 If you ask that question today of children,  they would probably want to know what in the world that term meant too, since most parenting today doesn't mention anything about a wood shed.

 They'd probably think, what's at the wood shed? Did you get a toy or something?

 But us ole folks know, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. It wasn’t to have fun or get something great.

 It was a time when discipline was needed, punishment came, and you were put back on the straight and narrow.

 I was born into a family of 10 children, and I was the second oldest of those 10.

 We learned from the mistakes of our other siblings, of what  we should and should not do.

 I only remember getting one spanking in my early years, but that was enough. I didn’t have to literally go to the wood shed, but the result was the same. I learned a lot from that one time of chastening.

And it has served to make my life a better one, looking back I can honestly say, "Thank you Mom and Dad" for loving us enough, to teach us the right way in life.

Until next time, God Bless

Coleman Schell

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