Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Making Butter

We buy our butter from the store today, wasn't so when I was growing up.

We never had a dairy, but we had a Jersey cow or two we milked each day, and of course we made our own butter from the milk we got from them.

Ever since I was big enough, I helped Mother churn the milk to make the butter.

We skimmed the cream off the milk after it set for awhile, and put the cream into a churn, the churn we used was an old earthenware type with a dasher.

In the summer time we'd sit the churn on the table, and let it sit for awhile, until the cream was good and thick, if it was winter we sat it on the hearth near the fireplace.

  When it come time to churn I would get me a chair and sit down and pull the dasher up and down, until the butter would curdle, and come to the top in a clump.

Sometimes it would take an hour or so to complete the churning, talk about getting your exercise.

When finished we dipped the butter from the churn, and put it into a bowel for serving.

Adding a little salt to enhance the flavor, and to act as a preservative.

 If it was summer time, we put the bowel of butter into a lard bucket tying the bucket to a wire and putting a rock on top the lid, to keep it from turning over, then we would set the bucket into the spring to keep it cool until it was needed.

Not quite as fancy as refrigeration and getting your butter from the store, but with all the hard work we put into it, our butter, just seem to taste better than the store bought .

It really spiced up its taste when you added it with  some home made apple jelly , black berry jam, or honey to a hot baked biscuit.

Come to think of it,the olden days weren't so bad after all , at least we eat good, during those times.

Until next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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