Monday, October 20, 2014


Probably the greatest spiritual, and medical need that anyone has is the need for hope.

 It is a medicine that can cure nearly anything. 

When our hope dies despair can sit in and overwhelm us, hope is vital to each one.

 There is no difference between men and women.

Many times hope is deferred when we are in the midst of trials and tribulations .

 For example when you're biting your tongue to keep the peace in your house; helping others when you really need help, more than they do.

 When you are doing your best to serve God and others could care less.

When sickness doesn't respond to treatment.

 Times like these can challenge, our hope  and can cause it to grow dim.

 When hope is strong and executed in our heart , extraordinary things happen.

 Healing for your body takes place, broken hearts get mended, obstructions in your spiritual life go away.

  Faith  moves God and hope moves us, when our hope is renewed all things are possible. 

Gods miracle working powers will be manifested and your spiritual life restored.

The greatest source that you can find for hope, is in Christ..                      Psalm  16.9

May His hope abound in your life today, If its not; check in with God who gives it liberally, and abundantly to all.

Until next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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