Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Garret Taylor

 One of the chores I had with my family while growing up was, picking up the mail, a task  much different than the way we get our mail today.

When I was appointed mail master for the family, I walked a mile plus for the mail each day, unless it was raining or snowing, If that happened I got to stay home.

 Our mail carrier's name was Garrett Taylor.

During my term as mail master, I became good friends with Garrett.

Garrett was very dedicated to his work, and  punctual with his delivery's, You could count on the mail being on time. 

Garrett drove his Model A Ford to Farriston, Ky. to pick up the mail each day, on his way back , delivery of the mail would begin.

One time he took me along with him, to pick up the mail, it was my first car ride ever, you talk about being thrilled, I was that plus some.

He even let me put the mail in the boxes for him, as we drove back.

While driving, Garrett shared with me some facts about Charlie the faithful one.

Charlie, was his trusty horse ,and mode of transportation, when the roads were to rugged for the model A .

 Garrett could only do about half his route by car , the other half, was unsuitable for the Model A, and became Charlie's task.

My term as mail master and Garrett's term as carrier ended when we got new roads through the community, allowing the Post Office to create new routes, and add new postal carriers.

 Delivery of the mail with out  my friend Garrett, wasn't the same for me after that.

 Garrett told me on his last day of work, that he was turning in his saddle bags, and would be stepping down from the postal work, to do some other things he had been planning .

Our mail delivery system has gotten much bigger, more modern, and efficient , but the  experience I had  with Garrett, has remained the same.

The the memories of him and my mail master days have with stood, all the modern day changes to the US postal system.

Until next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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