Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Spooky night

Back when I was growing up, folks told a lot of ghost story's, and my uncle's Tipp and Grover Brock weren't any different, they had a few of their own to tell.

My brother Denver and I spent the night with them one time, and before going to bed, Tipp said we should pay no mind to the piano in the parlor room if it started playing at mid night by its self.

Naturally that put a shiver down my spine,  like I had never had before, after listening to Uncle Tipp's war story's for awhile, Tipp noticed the two of us nodding off to sleep and suggest we go to bed.

A kerosene lamp and the fire place were  major means of lighting for the home.

 Brother and I borrowed the lamp from the living room to help us find our way up the stairs to our bed we would be sleeping in.

The ambers were still glowing from the fresh logs Uncle Grover had put on the fire a while earlier.

Climbing the stairs to our room, my heart was racing a bit as I recalled what Uncle Tipp  had said earlier concerning the Piano, out of curiosity I asked Denver what he thought about it?

He said he didn't believe in ghost, and the one way we could prove his theory would be to stay awake  for awhile and listen.

Neither of us had a watch to tell us when mid night came, but I declare some time during the night, we heard  the piano playing.

We both pulled the covers up over our heads until the playing stopped, and until this day I'm not sure if Uncle Tipp or Uncle Grover went into the parlor room after we went to bed and helped  the piano out or what.

Uncle Tipp gracefully denied the next morning having anything to do with it

  And Uncle Grover didn't confess to anything either, I'm like my brother I don't believe in ghost story's or ghost, but I declare some one played the piano that night.

 I personally think it was uncle Tipp having some fun with us.

Until next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell  

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