Tuesday, September 23, 2014

End of summer

What marks the end of summer ? Why the beginning of fall of course ! Fall happens to be my absolute favorite season.

Today is a most beautiful day for a walk, so I thought I'd go for one, through my neighborhood.

A cool breeze is causing me to button up my jacket rather quickly, as I start out.

 Leaves from the trees overhead are covering parts of the sidewalk, I can feel them rattling beneath my shoes.

Ahead of me some fox squirrels are playing tag to entertain them selves, while others are busy storing food for the winter.

Just a delight to be out and about breathing in the fresh crisp autumn air, who could resist such a day for a walk.

 Overhead the clouds are scuttling across the sky, with shadowy burst of sunlight,  peaking through them.

My thoughts drift  back a bit, thinking of the years that have passed, remembering how as kids we used to pile up leaves, and jump and play in them for fun.

Strangely I felt young again, something I hadn't felt in a long time.

I just love that feeling, unfortunately at my age it doesn't happen often enough, any more.

Ever since childhood, I've enjoyed the seasons that God has provided, the Bible  says everything on earth has its special seasons, including mankind.

Ecclesiastes  3:1

As I ended my walk, and  my reflection of time, I thought how blessed I was to have been part of this wonderful Autumn moment, and have the privilege of sharing it with you.

Until next time,   God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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