Saturday, August 16, 2014


 When I was a kid I never imagined, one day we would have the technology we have today.

 Technology was a word I hadn't learned about yet, let alone imagine what it could do to change our lives.

  Today we have gone from a wall phone to a smart phone, World news taking days to reach us, to instant broadcast from anyplace in the world.

Tablets, computers, cars, planes, so many changes I can hardly keep up.

Change is good for the most part, but it does come with a price tag and a few side effects. 

Computers are an important part of our lives, occasionally they get infected with a computer virus, then what was so useful and helpful, can start running a muck unable to function as they were designed to do.

         Many times only a major reprogramming of  their corrupted  hard drives, will restore them to usefulness.

         This situation can be compared to another virus, the virus of sin, God created our first parents perfect and with out sin, their every need met  and their relationship with God UN-blemished, but they rebelled against God, sin entered the world---- and since that day, the human heart has been infected with the deadly "virus" of sin.

         Our fellowship with God was destroyed, we became morally weak and corrupt.

          And like the computer we must be reprogrammed, Christ came to conquer the "virus" of sin! When He enters our lives ,He begins to remake us from within, the "virus" no longer has absolute control.

         Romans  8:  21 Because the creature itself, also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption, into the glorious liberty, of the children of God. 

 If the first part of my life is any indication of what is yet to come  the rest should be interesting and challenging.

 My grandmother Carrie Parman wrote so many good things about everyday life in the twentieth century.

 If she were still with us today I'm certain,  she would be awed by, how much things have changed since her writings.

Coleman Schell


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