Monday, August 4, 2014

Count it Joy

When I was five years of age, I got typhoid fever, mother and dad said it was a close call. 

 My temperature reached  107 degree, our family physician,  Doctor Walthen came to our home and spent the night with us, trying to get the fever down.

Early the next morning, he told my mother, he felt he had done all he could do for me and needed to go and attend to other needy Patients .

  I  remember hearing my Mother  praying after he left, asking God to heal me and spare my life,  God was good to us and answered her prayer at 7:00 am, the temperature began going down, and I started getting better.

Because of the high fever, my hair fossils were damaged and my hair turned completely white, staying that way for about a year, before returning to its natural color. 

Fortunately, no one else in our home got sick with the typhoid, my immune system must have been weak or something.

Not sure, why I was the only one to get it, some thought the well water may have been contaminated.

Now, looking back at that close call, I count it all joy, that God answered my Mothers prayer, and spared my life that day.   

With out a doubt its hard to "Count it all joy" (when) sickness and suffering comes your way, I'm sure you can agree.   but Christ say's we can do it.

 James 1: 2
When ever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy.

God has been so good to me, I thank Him for sparing my life that day,  I'm thankful for a fine family. The little church that I attend and for all my good friends, especially you my Facebook friends you are the greatest.

 Thanks for reading my meditation.

Coleman Schell

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