Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Indian Folk Lore

Laurel County Kentucky has some interesting history, George Parman my grandfather,  better known to the family as "Cap." knew quite a bit about that and shared some of it with me.

I learned from him the Cherokee, Shawnee, and Chichamauga Indians were native to southeastern Kentucky, and played a part in its history.

 Indian artifacts,  were collectable by many folks and could be found through out the State.

Some of the fields, when you plowed them , would often yield unexpected trophy's .

"Cap" and Uncle Tipp Brock were probably  the biggest collectors in Laurel county.

  Before he died Uncle Tipp donated  his collection to the "Mountain Museum" At the Levi Jackson Wilderness State Park,  In Laurel County.     Don't know for sure what happened to Caps collection, may still be in the family some where.
Laurel County was also witness to the worst massacre in Kentucky History.

"Cap" explained it this way to me;  a party of 14 family's called the McNitt's,
had come from Virginia by way of the Cumberland Gap, with out incident, and were camped out near the Park.

During the night Cherokee warriors fell up on the party and all were massacred except one pregnant woman who hid in a hallow tree.

Certainly a most horrifying story to make history in the history books but never the less it did.

I cherish Kentucky history, especially the parts that happened close to our home.

I am grateful to my grandfather "Cap" for his generosity   in helping me understand some of it better.  

Hope you have enjoyed our journey back in-to Laurel County history today.

Be blessed of the Lord everyone, and may His loving kindness and mercy endure in your life forever.

Coleman Schell

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