Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The family is the basic unit of society. When a family member becomes ill, the entire family is affected. The concept of “family” is more than people who are just biologically related.

The family is the most important institution in the world. It was God's idea in the first place. It was not the invention of sociologist or government bureaucrats who decided it would make society operate
more smoothly.

Families existed long before cities and governments, even longer than the written language.

Its in the family home where character and integrity are formed, values are made clear, and goals are set.

Today satan is attacking the family as never before. What can families do against such attacks?

Our best defense as always is the word of God. Read the Bible, together as a family, have family devotions, pray for one another.

Be on guard against the forces that tend to pull families apart.

And most of all make Christ the center of your home----
and your life.

Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established.   PROVERBS  24: 3

Coleman Schell

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