Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life has certainly changed

 In Laurel Co. Kentucky life has certainly changed since the 1930's & 1950's  as I look back at those years, I'm amazed just how much they have changed. here's a glimpse of the way it used to be for our family.

Daddy and Momma and us 10 children raised the garden
and canned what food was needed for the winter months, if we didn't work during the summer months, we didn't eat, come winter.

When the tobacco crop was raised and sold, there was some money for Daddy to buy, a few necessities such as flour, sugar, coffee, and  store bought clothes for the family.

For our corn meal, we had a corn shelling on Friday night, the shelled corn needed to be ready for grinding on Saturday morning, once ground it provided us with corn bread for a couple of weeks.

Our family lived in a modest home, there were five rooms on the lower level and two up stairs.

We had a good well behind our house, and a path to the out house, that path was long on a cold night with out a light to see by. "Young people today don't know what they missed."

It was exciting when we got our first radio, a battery powered one, we could listen to Lowell Thomas on the 6 o'clock news, and get the Grand Ole Opery on Saturday nights.

Then came electricity, used mostly for lights at this time, this was a great improvement over the old oil lamps.

Momma used an old wash board to do our laundry, what a back breaking job that was, after she finished washing the clothes, she would carry them to the back of the house and hang them on our cloths line to dry.

Daddy always had a cow or two, for our milk and butter, chickens for meat and eggs,  hogs for meat and lard.

Farm life was hard work, not much time for play, when supper was over and the dishes were washed, we would  rest for awhile and listen to some story telling.

When it got dark we went to bed,no sitting up late as we do today, when the roster began his crowing the next morning that meant it was time to wake up and fire up the ole wood stove, for Momma so she could cook breakfast, and we could  began doing our chores.

I am thankful I was reared in those days it instilled in me an appreciation for the simple things in life. and a better understanding of what family life was like when it was less complicated.

Coleman Schell

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