Tuesday, April 8, 2014


When I was five years of age a strange and horrifying thing happened to me.

 My mother and father were working in the garden near our home. a storm came up, and suddenly out of no where  lightening from the storm struck the house.

 It jumped from the radio to the bed I was lying on, setting the mattress on fire, scarring me beyond  measure, as well as my mother and father, Thank God I wasn't  injured .

Life is obviously a challenge like this storm was to me,and my family, its designed to be that way it seems, we can see it unfold in how Jesus related to His Disciples.

One day the Disciples were in a small boat you know the story Jesus went to sleep on a cushion and while He slept a "Furious squall came up" the disciples being fisherman knew very well what a storm can do to a small craft and its occupants.

They were frightened ----as you and I would have been
the panic stricken men could stand it no longer. They awakened Jesus and said, "Lord save us ! we're going to drown !"

Before quiet-ing the storm He said to the disciples, " You of little faith, why are you so afraid ?" (Matt. 8:23-26).

My sympathies would be with the disciples in this instance who could blame them for quaking in the path of the storm, there was no Coast Guard or helicopter to pluck them out of the churning sea, still Jesus was disappointed by their panic.

Why? because faith and fear do not ride in the same boat. And because He wanted them to trust Him even when facing death.

Are you trusting Jesus when you are in the storm?  Do you panic as the disciples did?  are you trusting the Master of the sea, to quieten the  storm for you, as He did for them. Remember He wants us to trust Him in all things, even when facing the most periless of times .

Coleman Schell

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